All Australian Made, Brand New. Second Hand condition from Good to AS NEW!!!
5% - 10% discount if Buy Base/frame and mattress together

Please contact me for inspection or better Price!! David: 0410093138

I deliver to all Brisbane area from $15
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Orthotrue Body Form Collection 
Queen mattress 0808 $125
Queen mattress 0799 $115
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POSTURE PRACTIC. Light marks, hardly see. Very Good firm condition.
Sealy BACK SAVER. Comfort Support Very light mark, hardly notice. Very Good firm condition.
Queen mattress 0814 $149
CROWN Spinal Support Pillow Top.  Clean and Gently Firm. Very Good condition.
THER-A-PEDIC Orthopaedic Supreme. Clean and firm. Excellent condition.
King Mattress 0824 $185
Sealy Posturepedic Rockwell Plush Pillow Top. Some stains, but still very comfy condition.
Queen Mattress 0804 $89
Double Mattress 0690 $125
Sealy POSTURE PREMIER. Posture Health, Clean and firm. Very Good condition
King Bed Base 

Mobile: 04100 93 138
King mattress 0816 $175
Queen Mattress 0801 $289
Sleepmaker DURACOIL PLUS Pillow Top. Clean and Medium Plush. Excellent condition.
Single mattress 
Standard Single Mattress 
from . $49-$65
Bed Wheels/legs Set $10-$15
King Single 9969 $99
Slumberland, Clean and Medium firm. AS NEW condition.
Double Mattress 0797 $165
Pillow top Double mattress. Clean and medium firm.  Very good condition.
THER-A-PEDIC. Exquisite Wool. 30cm thick. Clean and Gently firm. Excellent condition.
Queen mattress 0809 $225
Capt"n Snooze. PREMIER. Light marks, Springs are still in very good condition.
5% - 10% discount if Buy Base/frame and mattress together

5% - 10% discount if Buy Base/frame and mattress together

5% - 10% discount if Buy Base/frame and mattress together

Queen Mattress 0794 $199
Sealy POSTUREPEDIC ROYAL HERITAGE  Pillow Top on both side. Clean and medium firm. Very good condition.
Queen Mattress 0791 $249
Queen mattress 0813 $249
Queen Mattress 0818 $125
Sleepmaker Latex Dream Pillow Top. Clean and medium firm. Excellent condition.
Call Me 04100 93 138 ​for Better Price
Dreamapedic. Clean and Firm. Very good condition.
King bed base, GOOD-excellent condition. $125-$199
Queen bases
Standard Queen size Base
Queen base without legs. from $89-$199
Standard Double size base
Double base without legs from $89 -$149
Queen PU Leather Headboard $49
PU Leather headboard for queen ensemble. Corner leather little tear
Queen Bed Frame 0447 $225
Double base 
Queen size Bed Frame, complete set. Excellent Condition.
Aussie Mattress Heritage Latex Pillow top. Many stains. Still very comfy condition.
Orthopedic Visitor Collection
CHIROTECH SLEEP COOLTECH Pillow Top. Clean and medium Firm. Excellent condition.
King mattress 0767 $349
Slumberland ASCOT. Clean and gently firm. AS NEW condition.
King Mattress 0828 $299