Get rid off all these UESED beds and mattress
5% - 10% discount if Buy Base/frame and mattress together

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THER-A-PEDIC BackCare Supreme Clean and Medium firm. Very Good condition.
Queen Mattress 9921 $185
Queen mattress 9893 $139
Queen mattress 9914 $249
OSTEO THERAPY BACK CARE SYSTEM. Clean and firm.  Very Good condition.
Sealy Posturepedic GRENADA Pillow Top. Clean and firm. Very Good condition.
SEALY POSTUREPEDIC . Only one light mark, hardly notice. Medium medium firm.Very good condition.
Queen mattress 9897 $279
SPRING AIR Back Supporter Pillow Top. Clean and Gently firm. Excellent condition.
CROWN. Vitality. Light marks/stains. and medium firm.  Still Very Good condition.
King Mattress 9797 $225
KING KOIL SPINE CARE PLUSH Pillow Top. only one small stains.  Medium Firm. Still very comfy condition.
Queen Mattress 9642 $179
Double Mattress 9887$89
Sleepmaker Posture Care Soft. Light marks/stains. Still very comfy condition
King Bed Base 

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You can choose all size beds and mattress online. All items are displayed with general infomation. For all detail or inspection,
please contact David 04100 93 138
King mattress 9906 $199
Queen Mattress 9902 $89
Sealy  BACK SUPPORT SUPREME. Some light marks/stains. Still good firm condition.
Single mattress 
Standard Single Mattress 
from . $49-$65
Bed Wheels Set $10-$15
King Single 9665 $59
King single, many small stains, Medium firm. Still good comfy condition.
Double Mattress 9882 $89
KING KOIL. ORTHOMEDIC.  light marks/stains, hardly see. Still Good firm condition.
Sleepmaker LATEX Back Care Pillow Top, Clean and Medium firm. Very Good condition.
Queen mattress 9695 $249
KING KOIL ORTHOPAEDIC. Clean and Extra firm. Excellent condition.
5% - 10% discount if Buy Base/frame and mattress together

5% - 10% discount if Buy Base/frame and mattress together

5% - 10% discount if Buy Base/frame and mattress together

Queen Mattress 9916 $145
SEALY POSTUREPEDIC. Clean and medium firm. Very Good condition.
Queen Mattress 9886 $125
Queen mattress 9901 $145
Queen Mattress 9621 $199
DramZone The Orient. Clean and firm, Very Good condition.
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Wonderest PS200 Pillow Top. couple finger size mark/stains,  Medium firm. Very Comfy condition. 
King bed base, GOOD-excellent condition. $125-$199
Queen bases
Standard Queen size Base
Queen base without legs. from $89-$199
Standard Double size base
Double base without legs from $89 -$149
Queen PU Leather Headboard $49
PU Leather headboard for queen ensemble. Corner leather little tear
Queen Bed Frame 9336 $225
Double base 
Solid wooden Queen size Bed Frame, complete set. Excellent Condition.
Sealy Posturepedic KINGSLEY Pillow Top. Clean and medium firm. Very good condition.
Queen Mattress  9671 $125